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She designs.
You download-print-cut-and-fold.

She loves image making, typography, lettering
and illustrating. But she's being featured here for a craft that traverses to the 3rd dimension. All of 'Cut Ok Paste' was featured in an exhibit at Triennale Design Museum in Italy called New India Designscape.

They are all available here: www.cutokpaste.tumblr.com for you and I to download and enjoy.

Meet Mira Malhotra. Graphic designer. Visual artist. Craftswoman.

The Project: Cubee Crafts of an Indian flavour.

The Reason:
She remembers printing and pasting Readymech's toys and enjoying constructing them sometime back on her lunch break in office. But she found she couldn't relate much to the characters. She wanted to create something of her own, and something that both Indians and westerners could relate to.

The Inspiration:
She was already inspired by Readymech's toys and pinhole cameras. But for creating her own style, she identified four Indian characters that were popular and identifiably Indian for the global public.

Check out more of Mira's work on www.etniq.com