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Four is Company
What started as a collaboration to take part in the local flea market alongside their "mainstream" jobs, became something much more, a company of their own. Four designers got together. And so they began re-designing The Dream.

Meet Illustration Much. Sruthi, Taaneya, Gaurav, Soma and way Much talent.

The Project: Anthropomorphism, the morphed animal design fashion collection.

The Reason:
Simply put, to get their work off their laptop screens and onto postcards, prints, cushion covers, scarves and other lifestyle products. They also wanted to collaborate with the friend and fashion designer, Srijan Jha. The Anthropomorphism collection brought all of their talents together perfectly.

The Inspiration:
Each designer drew from his or her own inspirations. But collectively, the idea was to
create something imaginative, unique, colourful and feminine. The Flamingcrow was born out of Taaneya’s desire to capture the structure and colours of the flamingo using intergalactic textures and patterns.

In Shewolf, Gaurav recreates the wilderness as
a beautiful reflection of a woman's boldness.

Through Deerwoman, Sruthi pays homage to director Hayao Miyazaki. And captures the humility of a reindeer in a humanoid form. And finally in Eleoctupus, Somasree combines nature and fantasy by replacing the elephant's trunk with tentacles.

Catch more of Illustration Much's work at www.illustrationmuch.com